To read new mangas from 2017!

So here the idea, I want to read manga that just start and see how long it will last or how long i will read it, After looking up for the new manga in this year 2017, as far as april.

I’m reading “We Can’t Study; We Never Learn” so that why it not in the list.

I used a List Randomizer to Randomiz the list, there 26 manga here next post I’ll cover same of them, and see what I’ll read for real and what I’ll drop.

  • Futaba’s Family Twins; Futaba-san Chi no Kyoudai
  • U19
  • RAISING SLAVES IN ANOTHER WORLD WHILE ON A JOURNEY | Isekai de Dorei wo Sodetenagara Tabi wo Suru (Novel)

[My Waifu/Harem Chamber] King of Fighters / Fatal Fury / Art of Fighting / Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Welcome to the hottest and sexiest post in the internet, here each time we meet new hot fictional girls to add to my personal harem.

This Time we meet the hottest girls in all VideoGames SNK girls, This is not all of them but only the King of Fighters girls and because of what KoF is I have to add AoF,FF and mark of wolves.

There 29 hot female Character in total I only ranked 20 and few words about this hotties.

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Manga To read (Anime that didn’t end)

I saw so many anime in my life time, Over 450! I know anime fans who saw more but this is not the point, So many of this anime have no ending because the manga was not over, so it take me same time to find all manga that finished and have full scanned that have anime i saw so long time ago and i want to know how it really ended.

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[My Waifu/Harem Chamber] Code Geass


Hi, Welcome to the first segment of [My Waifu/Harem Chamber], a seamless post talking about my all time favorites anime girls/waifu, It is as simple as it sound, enjoy.

It was matter of luck that i pick Code Geass to be the first anime to cover in this new series.

But even back when I saw Code Geass for the first time I was thinking that number of hot girls in this anime Is so dame high.

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A rant about Nisekoi ending

For a long time, I didn’t update these blog, I hope this will be for the best, I made an early post about what happened now let start talking about Nisekoi!

First of all this will be Heavy Spoiler post so if you didn’t read the manga from chapter 1 to chapter 229 and the extra chapter 229.5, Stop reading this and start reading the manga and watch the anime, By the way I only read the manga and didn’t watch the anime, I know I’m like 1% of the fans who only read the manga, I don’t know why, Manga are better I think, there was few Non-Anime characters in the manga and they was great, the manga have more filler comedy chapters and I love this kind of side stories as long they are funny, and Nisekoi is FUNY.

So what that rant about?

In the last chapter of Nisekoi (Ch229) we see the end of each character and let say I hate most of them, I think Komi (The writer) have no idea what this character will do after the story, I know he the writer so he know better but I read the story and I have point of view so let get to it one by one.

Shuu and Ruri!

Best girl and best boy, I’ll talk about them first because they are perfect, This two story was better than the main cast too, I love the fact that they end up together because there best friends love story, and I love that the career path they follow make sense, unlike every other character!

Ruri become a translator I can see that she is smart she loves books and she care about books, it makes sense and fit her character, I think as the alternative she can be a writer or teacher or and thing need a brain.

Shuu is a teacher, He was in love with one, but also Kyoko senpai show him how a teacher can change someone life, and he is a smart guy he has a goofy side and I think he can be a great teacher.

To tell you the truth, I’ll love to see a spin-off about Ruri and Shuu adult years manga that will be great.

Yui Kanakura

Oh, Let start with the worst, I was on Yui-Team for a time but I know that her chance to win the Nisekoi war was the worst, If there was one single girl everyone thinks she has 0% chance it was Yui.

But that no the issue.

There were two things I’m looking at the romantic ending of the character and the career path they will pick, like I said with Shuu and Ruri both there was a great choice, Yui Have none of that!

One, Her romantic ending was she go and marriage same guy was chosen by her clan or Ie (her assistant), Second She still the don of the Chinese mafia!

At last with marica there was this big long arc about her and her mother and all that about she can do what she want with her life, What about Yui why her life need to be suck? I was thinking at any moment she will decide not to go back to china, Work her dream job as a teacher and find a guy herself, As you will see all of (Marika, Tsugumi, Ruri and EVEN Kosaki) get the right to pick they own man [Details later], Why Yui is the one who gets the short straw? Can’t she be the master of her own life, Why the SMARTEST character in the WHOLE anime and manga [She finished the university at age 15] Can’t do what she really want in her life!

Yui ending alone make me really mad at this manga, The rest is better, but still, Suck.


Nothing, The long Save Marika arc was the real ending for her story and gave us one last action arc, She search for a guy better then Raku (Good luck, Any man with ball will be better thin these losses) , and she have short hair now, I think it about that she like it that way more but she want it to be like that for Raku, and now she really move on.

Good … NO, IT NOT.

Is that all Marika is? Just a woman search for a man! Can’t we see her like have her own business or become a Police officer like her father or maybe a detective?

Anything better than NOTHING!


Ok, Her romantic ending make sense to me, She find out that this two love each other but thy dense to know it them self, so she gave up on Raku, and in a good way to she figure out that her love for him is nothing for a crash, She learn the meaning of being a woman and being in love because of him, and she know that she will fall in love again, Tsugumi is the most realistic character in the manga, she understanding and fall of self-sacrifice and that why she is the best girl.

But let ruin all that with her stupid career path.

One of the things start “Tsugumi is the best girl meme” is that she have best character development* in the manga, She starts as a tomboy unwoman like hot temper head, but she grows up as a character, In the end, she became a model! and if you think this is coming from nowhere, that will be because it is.

I may see the write think that she become more woman like and now she is a model, and that make sense, But can’t she more woman like and still be her self? and another thing she become a model to work under Chitoge, One of the things I wished to happen to Tsugumi in her story is to grow out of being Chitoge dog and get out of the Beehive gang and be her self, like any thing really, but not a model or under Chitoge, Tsugumi can be anything she want, there was a chapter about that, but no, her destiny is to be Chitoge Dog.


I’m ok now with her not ending up with Raku, One it makes sense with how the story goes, Two thank god this sweet girl will find a better man!

In the Extra chapter 229.5 we find out that she have a daughter at the same age of Raku and Chitoge son, So she move on and move one fast, that good, Her daughter look like a happy nice girl so I think the father is a nice guy (Not a crime lord or Stupid).

Now you think I’m happy about this, NO, Again the stupid career path strike again.

Why she make cakes? She bad at coking* and she is great at make sculptures, Why she didn’t go to art school, and become an artist or sculptor?


Ok Chitoge you won, We all know you will, and We al wish you didn’t, But in the end that what the story was all about right.

The ending of Raku and Chitoge make sense, This love story is what really love to look like in real life, Similar Background, Deep understanding of each other and Time.

Both are the kids of a crime lord, Both have a mother who work far away from home, both shear so many memorably moments together.

But again the stupid career path strike back, I don’t I saw her care about fashion before but I’ll not say she didn’t so she may want that off screen, I think she will be great business woman like her mom, and the story will make more sense if she stay with her mother to her with her work and learn from her to grow up one day to be just like her and build her own business empire her self will be much better story for her, but it not as bad as the others.


The love path is the same as Chitoge so what about the career path?

the stupid career path strike WITH DOUBLE THE POWER, I was thinking Yui get it bad, But no.

This guy career path goal from chapter 1 was to work a civil job AKA normal job for the government, to be away from the Yakuza business, Now he have a civil Job and he is the Yakuza boss, Great what the point again from the second job?

I was thinking he will be a chef, maybe work with in that cake place with the other Yakuza guy, Or care about another thing besides keys and locker.

In the end that what I was thinking about, I’m writing a fanfic call “Nisikoi 2 : Harem Life” It like what if Nisekoi ending was a harem ending, and what if the story just go on in “Slice of life, Comedy, Episodic and more”, and because of this fanfic I was thinking about the career path of this characters, and I choice to gave each one of them new path.

* Raku: That will be weird, But I think he helps lots of the characters buy talking to them (Remember Shuu and Kyoko, Marika and her mother and more) I think he can be a Psychologist! Yah Raku a Psychologist. He helped Tsugumi and many others I can see him in Prison or reformatory helping kids.

* Chitoge: business woman like her mother.

* Kosaki: Sculptor

* Tsugumi: Secret Agent for the Japanese Government With Honda-San

* Marika: Privet Detective, Work under a professional detective.

* Yui: Teacher

* Ruri and Shuu are the same, This two are the best.

Back to Writing

I stopped writing her for so long, I start doing same Let’s Play videos and i find that i’m suck at it, So i stopped LP.

So I’ll start do other thing that I’m suck at …

  1. Write about anime and manga that i watched, I’ll not do the episode by episode thing it kind of silly.
  2. I’m Writing a FanFiction, But that will need more work.
  3. I have 2 other blogs one for any other thing but Anime and manga, and one for EVERY THING else, I’ll write for them to.

I’m So into manga these days and want to make lengthy post about the manga that i read lately.

I want to start new blog just for my FanFictions, My grammar is weak as you see, But i find a guy to fix it, I order a book to learn grammar right from amazon and an android app.

I plan to make short FanFics that didn’t send for fixing, to see if i can hold up alone.


So i put so many anime on hold

I have 22 on my watching list from these season (These is so much), ill just watch them later, ill keep few to watch any way.

* 91 Days
* D.Gray-man Hallow
* Days (TV)
* Fukigen na Mononokean
* Hitori no Shita: The Outcast
* Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
* New Game!
* Orange
* Rewrite
* Servamp
* Sousei no Onmyouji
* Taboo Tattoo
* Tales of Zestiria the X
* Time Travel Shoujo: Mari Waka to 8-nin no Kagakusha-tachi

What i didn’t put on hold
* Amaama to Inazuma
* Amanchu!
* Handa-kun
* Mob Psycho 100
* Momokuri
* Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin
* Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars
* Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV)